Loan Services


Our bank strives to make its credit products available to all qualified applicants. An installment loan is the most popular method of financing that new car, boat, or other major purchase. Ask any of our loan officers before you make that purchase and we’ll be glad to help.

Agricultural / Commercial

Here is another of the many services our bank provides for businesses, corporations, and agricultural enterprises. Each business loan is specifically designed to fit the needs and meet the goals of the individual borrower. One of our officers can help you plan a loan program tailored especially for your needs.

Real Estate

Whether you’re buying a new home, rural real estate, a commercial building, or just improving your present residence, our experienced loan officers will make it an easier process.

We have revised and added new Products to better serve you. We now have mortgage loan financing available to meet virtually any real estate need, including long term fixed rate loans. Click here for more information.