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Checking Accounts

Non-Interest Bearing Checking Accounts

Choice Checking

BancPac Basic Plan

BancPac Family Plan

T-Club Account - 62 yrs. or Older

Regular Checking Accounts

Business Checking Accounts

Other Services Available:

Internet Banking

Mobile Banking

Interest Bearing Checking Accounts

NOW (variable rate)

Money Market Tiered Account (variable rate)

Other Options Available:

Internet Banking

Mobile Banking

Saving Accounts

Regular and Commercial Savings Account (variable rate)

Centennial Account (variable rate)

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA's)

JNB offers an 18 month variable rate IRA (Traditional or Roth) for qualified individuals who wish to take advantage of special tax benefits and save for retirement. Some IRA contributions and all interest earnings are tax-exempt until withdrawn. Call for details on how this attractive long-term savings plan can benefit you and your spouse.

Health Savings Account (HSA's) (variable rate)